UK Sugar tax thrills the health campaigners; a great control over obesity is expected

The United Kingdom is going to set-up a sugar tax on soft drinks in couple of years to have the hilt over the increasing threats of obesity. This announcement by finance minister has certainly delighted the health campaigners. Obvious is to say that the soft drink companies are not so happy sides about the decision.

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The fuss making tax and the reason behind:

Reportedly, the tax impose is expected to be generating about 500 million pounds yearly from the soft drinks companies, using sugar for their production. Well, it’s not the UK only; the nations like France, Mexico, Belgium, etc. have also put similar taxes on soft drinks with added sugar content.

The step taken is said to be keeping the hikes of heart diseases in sight due to obesity. According to the statistics, the diseases as mentioned above have cost about twenty billion pounds in a year. The amount was considered to be adding extra pressure on National Health Service. The sugar content in soft drinks involved higher threats of obesity issues for the girls.

The condition:

According to the new rule, taxes are imposed on the drinks those are having sugar amounts more than five grams per hundred ml. On the other hand, a cola can is said to be containing about 13 grams of sugar content.

Expected effects:

The hike in price is certainly going to affect straight to the consumers. However, the United Kingdom government is eyeing about spending the generated amounts with sports in schools. Health campaigners in the nation are excited about the new rule. They expect the hike in price for the high-calorie drinks is certainly going to minimise the rate of consumption. Comparisons are being made with the taxes imposed on tobacco, which led reduced rates of smoking in the nation.

Health benefits expected:

According to a research report, a forty percent cut in sugar content with the drinks could result into five million cut in obesity.  The same is expected to be having a great impact in reducing the number of type two diabetes cases over the nation.

Some health campaigns are also demanding that a minimum taxation of 20 percent on all soft drink with sugar content should be added for a significant outcome. In this way, the amount of consumption, hence the demand could be reduced resulting into better control of the obesity or diabetes like issues. Especially, the children and women are expected to be at beneficiary sides. It has been claiming by many survey agencies that most of the obesity issues with children under five years have been found to be due to consumption of sugary soft drinks.


Where most of the health organisations have welcomed the move, the companies claim it to be a result of political vendetta. They have foresighted that no overweight solution is going to be solved in this way; rather, the attempt is going to cost the nation in a great way.