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    Stock video footage is pre-recorded digital video content shot by professionals. It can be used for a variety of projects and is great for filling in the gaps when stock photos don’t quite fit the bill. Stock video footage can save time and money compared to shooting your custom video content.

    You only have to credit the author If you are using the free videos without Premium subscription. Check out this guide on the attribution practices to ensure you got it right. If you’d like to use the content without crediting, go Premium

    Yes, feel free to adapt the videos to suit your project needs. The license has got you covered.

    You can use the Freepik videos on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok... you name it. Any social media sharing is allowed.

    Freepik provides a whole asset library full of free-to-use stock videos for personal and commercial use. Find the free video footage clips and graphic motions by enabling the free filter in the search results or click here. Remember that free videos require attribution.

    All videos are available in MP4 and MOV formats. In general, MOV format offers higher quality and resolution, so we recommend it for professional usage. MP4 is a widely supported format, and it’s great for social media, presentations, or web content where the video display size is smaller. Ultimately, the choice of video format should be based on the specific requirements of the video project, the intended audience, and the platforms or devices where the video will be displayed.