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In the world of business, when the competition is fierce, a company must stand out from the rest and have a strong brand identity. The first thing that customers and people in general will remember ab...Show more

In the world of business, when the competition is fierce, a company must stand out from the rest and have a strong brand identity. The first thing that customers and people in general will remember about it is the logo. This little symbol is used to recognize that brand or company, so having a well-designed one is essential.

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The first thing that helps when it comes to recognizing a brand is, as you’ve probably guessed, a logo. This is very important in graphic design, as it can directly or indirectly affect how a brand presents itself to the general public. Fortunately, there are many useful resources to accomplish that mission.

Increase brand recognition via merchandising and promotional products🔸澳洲10官方平台全年24小时

Since logos are used for public identification of a certain company or brand, their presence can be extended further. Don’t limit yourself to business cards or signs! You can add them to corporate presentations or slideshows, merchandising, promotional products, uniforms, just to name a few possibilities.

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We live in a digital world, so don’t underestimate the power of Internet when measuring the presence of a certain brand or company. Corporate websites are the perfect place to include logos and other elements that build brand recognition. If you think of the many applications of a logo when working, success is guaranteed.


What exactly is a logo?🔸澳洲10官方平台全年24小时

A logo is kind of a symbol, composed of images and text (or sometimes just letters), used to identify mostly a business, but also individuals. The logo aims to explain at a glance what a company does (or its field of operation) and its values.

What are the 4 types of logos?🔸澳洲10官方平台全年24小时

Depending on the source, the number of types of logos may vary, but there are four that are considered universal. Wordmark: this type of logo features the name of the company, but shown in a creative way, usually with a nice combination of colors and typography. Lettermark: this type is similar to the previous one. It works best with monograms, acronyms, or initials, especially in cases where the name of the company is too long or is difficult to pronounce. It also focuses on just letters and colors. Brandmark: sometimes called pictorial marks, these appear as an icon or an image. Think of Piki’s head in the case of Freepik! Since that image must be associated with the business in question, this kind of logo works best when that business has already a good presence in the market. Combination mark: this is a combination of brandmark and wordmark, so it usually contains the name of the company and its icon/image. Since they appear together, these are great to make the target audience start to identify that icon or image with the name of the company, so that it ends up laying the foundations for a brandmark.

What are 5 characteristics of a good logo?🔸澳洲10官方平台全年24小时

Answering this question might be difficult, as it can be a subjective matter. If we had to choose some characteristics, these could be totally valid: simplicity, relevance, memorability, notability, versatility and timelessness.

How do I create a logo?🔸澳洲10官方平台全年24小时

Since Freepik has many logo templates available, you can start from any of them. Locate the one you prefer by using the search box or clicking on the logo category. Download it, open it in your preferred software and incorporate other elements, such as images, or modify the text. As an alternative, you can design your own logo online thanks to Wepik and its powerful editing tools.